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Competition for enterprise IT customers is always fierce, as any industry analyst will tell you. But this week, the competition for customers is being waged by the analyst firms themselves. The Enterprise Management Associates analyst firm is offering free access to Burton Group customers, claiming that the Gartner acquisition could spell trouble for them. Gartner buys Burton Group in further consolidation of IT analysis market. While IT vendors like IBM and HP routinely offer special deals to customers who are willing to dump competing products, the competition among IT analysts is typically much less overt.

Gartner Acquires Burton Group, Finalizes AMR Deal

Gartner Acquires Burton Group

The simple fact is, industry analysts are competing with the Internet, competing with Google, for relevancy. Gartner is doing a fine job, keeping the street happy with deals, while building its talent base with these tuck in acquisitions. But Gartner could buy every single analyst firm in the world, including RedMonk, and there would still be more options than ever available to enterprise purchasers and decision makers, should they choose to take advantage of them. But to be fair to Gartner it is becoming more open about its processes in, for example, Magic Quadrant selection, and its doing a better job of tracking open source. Gartner is increasingly real time, which used to be a web and RedMonk advantage. In the past I criticised Gartner for not being open enough. These days I tend to just sit back and admire the execution.

Burton Group

Under generally accepted accounting practices, the Burton purchase will dilute earnings by 10 cents a share to 12 cents a share in and modestly add to earnings in Excluding charges, Burton will be "modestly accretive" to earnings in and add 4 cents a share to 6 cents a share in Apple iPhone 12 lineup could lead to 5G 'supercycle'. Apple iPhone 12 5G upgrades could be justified by A14 Bionic.
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