Violated heroine character creation

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Concept Development, A Violated Heroine Successor

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Violated Heroine edit. To start a new game with other characters than Nanako and Serena, hold down the left shift key while selecting "New game". After Rescue Ashley has been completed Nanako may receive a messenger while staying in the Capital Inn who tells her about Ashley's recovery. This triggers a cutscene where Nanako excitedly greets Ashley and she suggests they go to the Inn to rest. If your game stalls on the innkeeper part way through, activate the debug mode from Nanako's House and temporarily set your purity to a high number to trigger the other version of the sequence It's under "hidden parameters" in the debug tool. Erika Riunroot is a strong, one-armed female adventurer who has experienced many hardships. She instantly takes a liking to Nanako's refreshing and upbeat attitude.

Violated Heroine

Eroge games can be much more than illustrations with some text and we've seen proof of that repeatedly. Violated Heroine is an eroge game developed entirely in the RPG Maker Engine, so not only there are no dialogues, but there aren't actual drawings either. RPG Maker 2 used to be pretty popular, and other engines like Game Maker have been the main tools for indie developers for creating their own titles. But can an engine made for basic game creation deliver a good experience?
Violated Heroine edit. Welcome to the Violated Heroine wiki. In this game you take control of a young heroine named Nanako, and guide her on her deadly but often erotic adventures.