Tanned bodybuilder

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Strong, dark, glazing bronze tans, bulking muscles, swimming trunks, and baby oil. Yes, this is the world of bodybuilding where athletes strive to develop the most appealing, most muscular, and most aesthetic physique out there. However, you may wonder: why do bodybuilders spray tan? Why that dark color, and why all the fuss about regular tanning sessions before the show, why all those thick layers of spray tan?

Why do bodybuilders use fake tan?

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Not a natural tan either, but a strange looking, very bronze tan. While there are some complexities to this, the basics can be boiled down to a few things. These are:. When you tan different parts of your body, it makes them contrast against other parts. This makes it so your muscles seem more defined, and bigger than they may actually be. You can pick up a bottle of fake tan from Amazon for only a few dollars, or buy an expensive membership to a tanning salon.

7 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Use so Much Fake Tan

Stretch marks formed from weight training can actually be camouflaged with a fabulous and glowing spray tan too. Beautifully sunkissed tans, the heat of the spotlights on stage and bulging muscles are the core essentials of a bodybuilding championship. But why do bodybuilders opt for such flashy, eye-catching tans when there are plenty of natural-looking alternatives to choose from? The answer?
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