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Make Corrections1 your homepage. Repeated searches for drugs and inadequate cleanup showed 'deliberate indifference,' suit says. The plaintiffs allege they were publicly searched in front of officers, inmates several times a day. Body-worn cameras and TASER CEWs often have a calming effect on tense situations, but using them together can also cut down on complaints and boost transparency. The class-action lawsuit was filed in on behalf of former inmates. Keeping equipment secure, conducting random searches and minimizing inmate movement are some of the strategies to improve facility security.

Strip-search policy halted after 8-year-old reportedly told to get naked at Virginia prison

Naked strip search of year-old girl 'unlawful', NSW watchdog finds | SBS News

Virginia's governor on Friday ordered the suspension of a Department of Corrections policy after an 8-year-old was reportedly strip-searched when attempting to visit her father in prison last month. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, tweeted Friday. He said that he had directed the secretary of public safety and homeland security "to suspend this policy while the Department conducts an immediate investigation and review of their procedures. I am deeply disturbed by these reports—not just as Governor, but as a pediatrician and a dad. On Nov. Lisa Kinney, the Corrections Department's communications director, said in a statement that the strip search violated policy, as the staff member who approved it did not have that authority.

Strip Search

A strip search is a practice of searching a person for weapons or other contraband suspected of being hidden on their body or inside their clothing, and not found by performing a frisk search , by requiring the person to remove some or all of his or her clothing. The search may involve an official performing an intimate person search and inspecting their personal effects and body cavities mouth, vagina, anus etc. A strip search is more intrusive than a frisk and requires legal authority.
A certified class action lawsuit asserted that in female inmates at an Illinois prison were subjected to strip searches during a training exercise for cadet guards. The women were compelled to stand nude, almost shoulder to shoulder with other prisoners in an area where they could be observed by others not conducting the searches, including male officers. Inmates who were menstruating allegedly had to remove their sanitary protection in front of others, were not given replacements, and some got blood on their bodies, clothing, and the floor. The naked inmates also were required to stand barefoot on a floor dirty with menstrual blood and raise their breasts, lift their hair, turn around, bend over, spread their buttocks and vaginas, and cough.