Sheet sex

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The Best Sex Blanket Is a Blanket Literally Made for Sex

Do Orthodox Jews Have Marital Relations Through a Hole in a Sheet?

Reveling in the slipperiness is fun in the moment; less so when you survey the damage to your thread count pima cotton sheets. How to reconcile the adult need for legitimate, high-quality bedding and the lust for messy, messy sex? The exterior feels like velvet and looks like a sumptuous luxe throw, but inside is a water-resistant core. Admittedly, when you crinkle it up, that core sounds a little bit diaper-like, but this is a small price to pay for the ability to douse the Fascinator throw in all manner of sex effluvia knowing that none of it will seep through.

Do Orthodox Jews Have Marital Relations Through a Hole in a Sheet?

These linen sheets are made in the US and are some of the highest quality linen you can buy. The airy linen gets softer with each wash, and is super breathable. Bamboo sheets are not only sustainable, they're also incredibly soft and smooth. If you're a hot sleeper who likes cool sheets, these are perfect for you. Silky-smooth sateen with long-staple cotton means these are the closest to feeling like real silk you can get, without actually being silk.
I'm guessing hole-in-the-sheet sex is a myth, but are there any cultures that require something like it? Myth or no myth, my partners request it, so let's not discount the practice entirely. With regard to other cultures, I can assume only that everything you've heard is true, but certainly the hole in the sheet is not true of the Jews.