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Black Magic magazine, Volume three, Number two. Bitchcraft magazine, Volume three, Number one. During the course of researching this very sexy post, I came across this composed yet completely depraved letter that was written by a reader of girl-loving magazine Nymphet back in the March issue in response to an illustrated image of Anton LaVey and a nude woman. For a brief spurt about three or four years ago, voodoo, Satanism and the occult were getting a fair amount of play in magazines similar to your own. I find extremely arousing, the rituals and ceremonies involving the symbols of witchcraft and devil worship——especially the idea of sacrificing a virgin and the actual deflowering of the virgin by the Evil One himself. One of the most exciting aspects of that brief period was the popularity of Anton La Vea [sic], occult leader of the member Satanic Church in San Francisco, California.

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Not many have invoked its name in the decade that has passed. Fewer have seen it at all — which is as strange now as it was back then. But no. Which is, essentially, the central premise of The Babysitter. He just wants to be left alone. They begin a game of truth or dare — as you do — and very soon, one of them is being sacrificed at the altar of Satan, with two knives sticking out of his head, and a steady stream of his blood being chugged out of ornate chalices.

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