Saints row shaundi romance fanfiction

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I wanted to try out a different kind so here. Debri started to fall and shaundi got hit so I got her before she sank and swam to the boat. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Saints Row. Someone form the boss' past life has come to hunt him again, can shaundi tell him her feelings before someone does or something happens?

Shaundi and the Boss Chapter 10, a saints row fanfic | FanFiction

This will be a continuation off my last story even though I skipped a section in between them. Starting off my new story we start off right at the end of SR2 when the boss finishes the last ultor mission. I will try to different characters POVs and anything in italics will most likely be that characters thoughts to himself or herself. A single shot echo through the whole building. The boss stood in front of the broken window watching the lifeless corpse bounce of the edges of the buildings it hit before finally reaching the ground.

Based on the Happy Ending. A confrontation between Shaundi and the Boss turns into something else. Male Boss x Shaundi.
The Saints were celebrating on top of their Steelport Penthouse. The Boss arranged for every form of debauchery and vice to be present in his party. You could smell the aroma of expensive alcohol lurking in the air. The rhythmic sound of party goers sniffing their powder and lighting their bongs can be heard in the far corners of the penthouse. Strippers were everywhere.