Roman atwoods girlfriend cheating

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Roman Atwood joked he'd cheated, crying girlfriend admitted she had. To mark his fifth anniversary with his girlfriend, Roman Atwood decided he'd play a prank on her. Roman and his partner Britney were on holiday in Aruba but his prank went sour when she admitted cheating on him. His girlfriend Britney is heartbroken by his fake revelation sobbing: "we have a family". The joker Roman begs for forgiveness from her but then Britney says what Roman hadn't planned for: "I cheated on you".

Man's 'I cheated' prank goes sour when girlfriend admits she's been unfaithful too

Roman Atwood's anniversary cheating prank backfires

In a twist of irony, well-known Internet prankster Roman Atwood has ended up becoming the victim of his own prank, when he tried to convince his girlfriend he has cheated on her. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Mr Atwood tells the camera that he is going to confess to his girlfriend that he has cheated on her while the pair are celebrating their fifth anniversary. Roman breaks the news to his girlfriend causing her to break down and cry, however she soon has her revenge when she says that she too has been unfaithful. Her 'confession' shocks him as he angrily demands to know who she has cheated with. Before it all gets too serious, his girlfriend suddenly jumps up and says: "I saw you set up your camera, you idiot!

'I cheated' - Prankster Roman Atwood foiled by his own anniversary prank

By Daily Mail Reporter. Professional YouTube prankster Roman Atwood did just that while he and his partner Britney vacationed in Aruba, thinking the stunt could live among his many others posted online. Scroll down for video Beaten at his own game: YouTube prankster Roman Atwood, left, decided to tell his girlfriend that he cheated while they vacationed in Aruba for the 5-year anniversary. Pranked: With a hidden camera rolling, Atwood tells his girlfriend Britney that he cheated, even though he hasn't.
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