Pokemon white gym leaders

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As in every Pokemon game, Pokemon Black and White has a total of eight gym leaders that you must defeat in order to gain a badge and have an opportunity to battle the Elite Four. For example, a normal-type Pokemon is weak against a Pokemon that can use a fighting-type attack. Learning their weaknesses will give you an advantage in every Gym Battle. With Pokemon Black and White now available in stores, we would like to reveal our Gym Leader Strategy Guide that mentions what type of Pokemon you should bring before each gym battle. Before you face the gym leader of the Striaton City gym, you will have to do a puzzle that will test your knowledge in Pokemon type compatibility.

Pokemon Black and White – Gym Leader Strategy

Pokemon Black and White :: Gym Leader and Elite Four/Champion Guide

These gyms follow the same principles but tend to have a variety of new features. You'll get given a type and you'll have to go and stand on the tile on the floor that represents the type that is super effective on the given type. Once you have answered each question correctly, you'll go through to the end of the gym and battle the gym leader. The Gym Leader you face in this gym is dependant solely on the starter you choose. If you choose Snivy, then you'll get the Gym Leader Chili. If you choose Tepig, then you'll face Cress and if you choose Oshawott, you'll face up against Cilan.

Unova League

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