Pillar of the community fallout 4

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*MINOR SPOILERS* Pillars of the Community :: Fallout 4 General Discussions

The Pillars of the Community is a cult based within the Charles View amphitheater in the Commonwealth. The Pillars of the Community are a cult disguised as a enlightenment movement, and as of the time that the Sole Survivor encounters them, are found based within the Charles View amphitheater. Its leader, who varies between consoles, claims to have discovered a way to transcend to a life similar to what existed in the pre-War Commonwealth, and has managed to gather a small flock of followers. However, these teachings are little more than a long-con, as all initiates must detach themselves from their material possessions, in which the cult's leaders conveniently gain ownership.

Pillars of the Community

A Pillar of the Community is an unmarked quest in Fallout 4. Engage conversion with Brother Thomas. Kill the Pillars of the Community. He will make grand statements about improving the lives of everyone in the Commonwealth. If the Sole Survivor agrees to join the group, he will take the Survivor into the back and ask them to forfeit all of their worldly possessions in favor of the Pillars of the Community.
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