Nude with boots

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No, something much better, something that makes your blood rush and your adrenaline pump. Along with the unforgettable duo are Jared Warren and Coady Willis both of Big Business , who were on the last album A Senile Animal , and are probably the greatest addition to the Melvins, a band notorious for going through members like pages in a book. This is where, I believe, the Melvins truly opened up and found a significant sound with meaning and drive. However, I knew it lacked something. Before, The Melvins were too branched out, with too many loose ends, and there was some molding to be done. In a sense, Big Business came in and pieced everything back together, bringing the Melvins complete and total control of what they truly wanted to sound like.

Nude With Boots

Nude With Boots | Melvins

Melvins' latest-- the band's second release with Big Business' Coady Willis and Jared Warren as members-- proves they're still nearly as big, as slow, as lumberingly loud as they were in the days Kurt Cobain was trying out for a spot on bass. Is it uncharitable to suggest that the vast numbers of tribute acts the Melvins have inspired in their year run are as much the result of some crucial flaw in the band's sound as they are an homage to its greatness? Former Melvin Joe Preston recreated that group's faux-operatic, sub-sonic bass rumbling with Thrones, then went on to help Earth hone in on the latent power of the Melvins' crackling guitar drones, flipping them into the dirge-y masterpieces Melvins wouldn't write. Boris borrowed their name from a Bullhead song title, and their titanic volume from the band's early records, but still let their sound stray from Melvins' drummer Dale Crover's Bonham stomp into more varied space. Sludgy tribute-song contributors Eyehategod were more visceral, and Nirvana were definitely better songwriters. And then there is Big Business, the two-piece Melvins-homage act whose Here Come the Waterworks I like better than anything the Melvins have ever released, mostly because the Waterworks songs are less detached, less route-- more memorable, more concise, more dynamic. As it happens, this newest Melvins is called Nude With Boots , which I guess is what happens in hard rock when fairies lose their clothes, and is the band's second release with Big Business' Coady Willis and Jared Warren as members.

The Melvins – Nude With Boots

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In the Melvins released A Senile Animal, some 24 years after they started the band , one of the best received records of their career. Now the band returns with Nude With Boots. It's and The Melvins are still called "family entertainment on another level. Maybe they're just too dumb to quit. This is extraordinary considering how hard it is for bass players and others to stick around the Melvins camp for more than two minutes.