No panty day 2017

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There is no any other piece of our clothing that could evoke so many historic speculations as for the undergarment, or, more specifically, the panties. The images of them are not seen on the pictures of the famous artists and the descriptions are not written in the heavy philosophical opuses. Well, obviously, it is a too personal item to talk about it in public. Today, it seems like there is nothing more natural than placing some sort of the barrier between the naked body and the clothes. People say that the very first panties appeared in the 12 th century but up until the 14 th century, the long shirts wearing without the undergarments were still in honor both among the grassroots and the wealthy folks.

'No Panty Day' Is Today, L.A.

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Do you wear panties? Well, you shouldn't today, because it's No Panty Day. This is a day geared more towards ladies, but guys can participate too. It's a day for not wearing any panties—which are also called knickers or undies in some countries, such as in the United Kingdom and Ireland—and maybe for throwing away some old, worn out pairs as well. There are a few theories as to how the day started. One says that at one point it was added to Wikipedia's list of awareness days, likely as a hoax. Another says it was probably started after and also because of No Pants Day.

Official “No Panty Day” E-dition

June 21 st is the first day of summer, but the very next day today in fact is No Panty Day. Or is it? Well, maybe not. I can report factual information about a World Naked Bike Ride happening in Las Vegas this weekend, see here , its rally being held at our old friends The Erotic Heritage Museum, so if you want to see skin-and moving skin at that-go there.
Some geniuses — oh, lets just call them … guys — have come up with the idea that the smarter sex go bottomless today. Here's the thing: If you have already dressed for work, school or just lounging by the pool, and you're a woman, and you just now heard about this, there's still time to get in on all the fun:. Removal of one's undergarments is just as easy — perhaps easier — than getting them on. Who started this best day ever? We don't know.