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Naomi Watts on the couch wearing a see-through top as the camera pans down to reveal that her jeans are open and she has a hand inside her panties, masturbating. From Mulholland Dr. Updated to higher quality. Naomi Watts approaching a couch where Laura Harris is lying topless on her back. Naomi, also topless, straddles Laura and plays with her breasts while leaning over to kiss her.

Naomi Watts 21 Grams

Naomi Watts 21 Grams -

Not only is this one of the year's most compelling motion pictures, but, in terms of structure, it's also one of the most intriguing and unique. Not since Memento has a movie so successfully employed a non-linear chronology. It's difficult to provide any kind of plot summary that doesn't give away crucial details, so I'll stick to the bare facts. Paul Sean Penn is a math professor with a bad heart. His marriage to Mary Charlotte Gainsbourg seems as doomed as he is, but she refuses to leave him in his terminal state. She wants to have his child via artificial insemination, but, without a heart transplant, he will not live long enough to see his offspring.

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IN the new British movie ''The Mother,'' which was shown here at the Toronto International Film Festival last week, the title character, a woman in her 60's who has an affair with her daughter's boyfriend, says: ''When I was 30 I would have been happy to take my clothes off, but nobody asked me. Now I'm going to insist on it. She is in good company here, as the talk of the festival -- aside from the extravagant violence -- is the extravagant amount of skin exposed and the focus on sex, including sex that doesn't involve just somethings. William H. Even Anthony Hopkins, 65, shows a pec or two as a year-old professor in ''The Human Stain'' who is rejuvenated by an affair with a woman played by Nicole Kidman.
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