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I have to confess, unashamedly, that what I remember most of the East of the West program in Karlovy Vary will be tits and asses. And when you are a young man, how can you not make movies about sex and women? To stay on track, it seems like now, in the digital era, Eastern European cinema is offering something that the western film is not, and something which even Scandinavian film lacks. That would just not be politically correct anymore.

FEMEN, Eastern European women and the Muslim sisters

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In particular, I can try to help Eastern Europeans like Maryna who still do not understand why Muslim women are so angry and why they reacted the way they did. Ukraine in my mind is a great historic example of imperialist victimisation, but that I guess is beside the point. In Bulgaria, Christian women were told to take off crosses and stop going to church; Muslim women were told to take off their veils and traditional dresses.