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Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. The main carnival parade is made up of several samba schools competing for the title of the best samba school of the year. Each school centers their performance around a chosen theme that is acted out through a team of musicians, samba dancers and elaborately decorated floats after months of preparation. The most important dancer of each school is the Queen of the Drummers, who leads the musicians setting the tone and pace of the school with the beats of their huge steel drums. The Queen of the Drummers are young, physically fit and picked for their beauty and charisma. In the months leading up to the carnival, the dancers undergo intensive training and exhausting schedules.

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Brazilian media outlets are very excited about the fact that there is a new record for the smallest article of clothing to be worn in a Carnival parade. Model Dani Sperle showed up at the parade in Rio de Janeiro wearing a headdress, a necklace, boots, armbands For as much coverage as this fact was given, none of the reports specify how she wore this piece of cloth. It broke the record set last year by Viviane Castro at 4 centimeters.

Meet the Famous Samba Dancers of Brazil's Carnival Parade

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