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Mature was developed as a "ruthless woman" by the chief game planner of The King of Fighters ' Things became hectic when the concept began being developed as a character, until a staff member suggested that Rugal's secretary from The King of Fighters '94 be used as base. Many of Mature special moves are music references. Also, Metal Massacre is not only a very early song by Metallica, but it is also the name used for various compilation albums dating back to the early 80's. Mature disposes of those who oppose the Orochi as commanded by her master Goenitz.

Mature (The King of Fighters)

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Mature is a character from The King of Fighters series. Despite the fact that he lost the tournement in , Rugal returned, with bionics, and faced off against Kyo Kusanagi and the Hero team again the following year. Rugal lost control of the Orochi power and it consumed him. Goenitz became involved in the 96 tournament and ordered Vice and Mature to keep an eye on Iori Yagami. After Goenitz's defeat at the end of the 96 tournement, Mature and Vice think they are freed from Orochi's service and betray their leader.

Mature (King of Fighters)

Mature is one of the major antagonists from The King of Fighters video game series, originally appearing in The King of Fighters ' However, after Goenitz was defeated by Kyo Kusanagi and Iori at the end of the tournament, but their plan backfired however, as the two can take the form of solid shadows in the living realm. She and Vice state they will meet him again in his dreams.
The designers at the time created both Mature and Vice with the image of a "ruthless woman" and a "cruel woman" respectively. Their origin story was mostly based on the notion of Rugal employing secretaries prior to The King of Fighters ' Both women were unavailable during location testing and were likely finished near the end of the game's production schedule. Mature's original outfit consists of a long skirt with a slit aside.