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These 8 People Posed Nude To Show That Body Positivity Is For Everyone

Why I Shared My Nude Photos on the Internet | The Walrus

I spent most of my teenage years and some of my adulthood beneath the shroud of oversized sweaters. Hiding my body. Concealing curves and cellulite and pale skin. I would pull a sweater over my head—the bigger the better—every morning, willing my body away. Sometimes, I would even swim fully clothed, in a T-shirt and shorts, citing my false fear of potential sunburn.

How Nude Selfies Made Me a Better Friend to Myself and Others

In it, a diverse group of people pose nude and talk about their relationships with their bodies, all in the spirit of body positivity. For the issue, eight people bared all — emotionally and physically — in the name of self-love. It was such a redefinition of beauty, and I wanted to pay that forward.
The first time I ever took a nude, or what I called an artsy nude, was in high school. Then, one day, I realized I could post them, too, from one of my private accounts. I loved turning to paintings of renaissance women and Greek goddesses for inspiration. I had no idea if she was afraid. But she felt alive.