Is nyannyancosplay a guy

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Nyannyan Cosplay, Is an famous tik-toker. School Idol Project. Many regular users of Tik Tok also made lip dubs of the same song, yet none have gained as much popularity as Kat's. Although a lot of people theorized that Nyannyan was a trans woman or a crossdresser as a result of her small chest and skinny frame, it was later revealed that she is not, she is a cis woman. After a while, "Hit or Miss" also became big with Ironic TikTok users, sparking people to make duets with people using the song while doing various things, as well as people making parody versions of the song, such as user horizonseclipse's version, where he sings the song badly with a bad filter, and adds a line to the end saying "and he gon' eat my ass like pizza". As of late, it seems she may have embraced the meme, even if just a tiny bit, as she retweeted lushsux's mural of her from the "Hit or Miss" video, holding a gun towards the screen, alongside the lyrics to the song as an emojipasta.


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