Im gay and i piss and shit

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In the summer of , a friend brought me to a hole-in-the-wall venue in Berlin called Chester's for a club night organized by the electronic collective Janus. The music conjured by producers like M. But amidst the aural chaos, the crowd never stopped dancing. It's two years later and Janus has been the subject of a New York Times feature about "Brooklyn bohemians invading Berlin's techno scene," and eventually stopped hosting the club night that perked everyone's ears in the first place. While not necessarily a b-line from his earlier sound, the EP is a serious step up for the increasingly-hot producer. Starting immediately with the spine-shattering opener "Suspension," the record has a multi-sensory vibe where you can feel the tracks as much as you hear them--great if you're into BDSM or dancing until your shoes are filled with blood.

“Im GAY and I PISS and SHIT all over the place”

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I'm GAY and I PISS and SHIT all over the place.

Story of me meeting the guy with the biggest cock I have ever seen. Young cocksucker milked my cock in a bookstore video booth until I shot a huge load down his throat. I have always wanted to taste another mans cock.
Well, so have I, and when I see two mistakes in one paragraph, I stop reading. The question was pairing hosiery with open-toe shoes, not pairing tights and stockings. Why would anyone do that. You lost me after your first paragraph, Chelia, and I stopped reading.