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Update: Dive into the best new hip hop with our list of 's top rap songs. Hardcore hip hop is a subgenre of rap music that developed at the beginning of the s. The genre's lyrics tackled the harsh conditions of the urban experience and have resonated with many rap fans. The tenacious beats of hard rap songs add to the intensity. Hardcore rappers are recognized as the precursor to gangsta rap due to its unapologetic stances on anger and aggression towards violence, police brutality, crime, poverty, drugs and rebellion.

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Hardcore Rappers | List of Best Hardcore Hip Hop Groups

The subject matter can vary from boasting, storytelling, reflecting on life and street, or expressing a multitude of strong feelings or beliefs. In the s Hardcore Rap typically had Boom Bap beats that featured scratching and no progression but by the s, Hardcore Rap expanded to different types of production. Hardcore Rap is characterized by its content and can combine with many subgenres that are characterized by their production such as Boom Bap, G-Funk, Electro-hop, and others. Some songs certainly have a darkness or eeriness to them but this can come from many different production techniques and styles. The rap performance is usually the main focus and sung hooks are less common. Alternative Rap shares many styles with it but is usually delivered in a less aggressive manner. However, this line is very blurry as rappers generally considered hardcore can have plenty of easy-going songs in their catalogue and alternative rappers may have a healthy catalogue of edgier songs as well.

Hardcore hip hop

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Hardcore hip hop also hardcore rap is a genre of hip hop music that developed through the East Coast hip hop scene in the s. Music experts have credited Run-DMC as the first hardcore hip hop group. Before a formula for gangsta rap had developed, artists such as Boogie Down Productions and Ice-T wrote lyrics based on detailed observations of "street life", while the chaotic, rough style of Public Enemy 's records set new standards for hip hop production.