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To some, it might sound like an exotic sushi roll. Others might think that it is a dirty deed done by only the most expensive Japanese hookers. But to the informed, it conjures visions of cumming while getting new high scores. How is this possible?

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Self-described as a virtual nation, Meez is an 3D social network. With virtual areas and chatrooms divided by a wide arrange of interests, such as casual chatting, dance clubs or TV shows, it offers an opportunity to interact with other people in simple and friendly virtual environments. People can create their own hangouts or join an existing one, but are limited by the number of users allowed at each location. Having been launched on , Meez boasts a 3 million user base, so this is one big online network.
Do you hnow anything about 3DXChat gameplay? Lag sucks. You can totally lag in-game and it will cost you the match. You were supposed to cast that super special and powerful magic spell but the overly demanding graphics kept you from doing so in haste.