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Most vertebrates have the same basic body plan when it comes to internal organs. Like other vertebrates, fish have an esophagus which leads to the stomach where food is digested and passed to the intestine. Waste exits the fish at the anus. Some fish have a swim bladder which can help with flotation. Fish have a two chambered heart that is closely associated with the gills.

Fish anatomy

The Anatomy of a Bony Fish - Biology LibreTexts

Use Advanced Search to search by activities, standards, and more. Fishes come in a diverse array of forms, many with special modifications. The shape, size, and structure of body parts permit different fishes to live in different environments or in different parts of the same environment. The external anatomy of a fish can reveal a great deal about where and how it lives.

Fish - Anatomy

Fish are vertebrates, meaning they have a backbone. All fish have fins and most have scales with a few exceptions, like catfish which do not. Fish are cold blooded animals that lay eggs and are well suited for living in water. Learn about the different fish adaptations below that allow a fish to survive in water. Eyes: Used for sight, fish can detect colors and see short distance with their eyes.
Fins are usually the most distinctive anatomical features of a fish. They are composed of bony spines or rays protruding from the body with skin covering them and joining them together, either in a webbed fashion, as seen in most bony fish , or similar to a flipper , as seen in sharks. Apart from the tail or caudal fin , fish fins have no direct connection with the spine and are supported only by muscles. Their principal function is to help the fish swim. Fins located in different places on the fish serve different purposes such as moving forward, turning, keeping an upright position or stopping.