Eric the midget penis

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He is considered a part of the Wack Pack , though membership is unofficial. Despite his poor health he claims to have outlived every doctor's prediction for his life expectancy. The site described him as "uncommonly angry and possibly even evil. Because of his short legs and a club foot he uses a wheelchair to get around.

Eric The Midget Demands His Penis Be Measured

Eric the Midget

All about the Howard Stern show on sirius. Wanna talk about the show? Do it Wanna poke fun at the wack packers? Let 'er Rip! Feel Free to express yourself in anyway, positive or negative, we welcome the comments!

Eric the Midget

Howard asked Eric what was up with the picture of his penis. Fred asked Eric if he has a Motorola phone. Eric said that he did so Fred said that it has to be him. Gary sent the picture to Eric so he could check it to see if it was him. Eric checked his mail and said that he had to sign into his AOL account.
Description: Eric infamously once hosted an ill-attended meet-and-greet at what sporting event? Want to add to the discussion? Eric preferred to be called Eric the Actor. Lynch, a year-old Sacramento man confined to a wheelchair, and a year regular caller to the Stern Show. While Stern has yet to comment on the passing as of Sunday night, he had previously referred to Lynch as one of his favorite callers.