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Total 0 votes. Gina Slater knew she was in some bother the moment he walked into her kitchen through her back door. It was Tuesday morning and she had just got over the weekend, she had held a party for her husband's 45th birthday on Saturday night, and it had been a hoot, a riot, a terrific success, one she barely hoped for. All their friends, a lot of his colleagues had come, everyone had a great time, and the party had gone on and on. Out of a black unconsciousness, I started to slowly resurface.

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Feet on his desk, Bubba Grimes leaned back in his comfortable chair, thinking back to all the pleasures he had enjoyed as benefits of the job. Being in this high level corporate position allowed him to enjoy the perks of the job with everyone fearful when he passed them by. The one thing that he desired most was getting into the panties of an innocent and faithful young wife, in particular a beautiful white beauty. The only other pleasure that was just as pleasurable was the knowledge that he had 'knocked up' the unsuspecting little beauty. Closing his eyes, he thought of the former Mrs. Laura Wieland and how he had bedded her just two weeks after she had returned from her honeymoon. The fear of losing her job in a tight job market, along with her husband's employment uncertain, Bubba had gotten her to spread her sexy white legs for him.

I was drugged and raped at a party

I was laying in bed in a semi-conscious state with the full moon trying to break through the curtains. Then as I was drifting off again I felt a smooth hand stroke my thigh and then cuddle up to me. A smooth body pushed against my back, cool breath tingling my neck. I felt comfortable and warm, even secure.
I set my drink down to go to the restroom and when I came back I guess someone had slipped something in it. My skirt was pulled up and my panties were missing, and my left tit felt like it had been bruised really badly. I was on the edge of the bed and my legs were spread. Someone was leaning over me and ramming their cock into my vagina very hard and very fast. I was so drowsy and I barely knew what was going on, and I started to move my hand around and the guy grabbed my hands and pinned them down to the side of me.