Cat hiccup and fart

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But whether our feline friends actually do noisily fart is up for debate. I certainly think cats could! I have seen a number of cats with excess gas in the GI tract which we have visualized via abdominal radiographs. While a little gas is normal and usually dissipates quickly, an excess of flatulence in your cat can be cause for concern. The simplest cause of gas buildup in cats, as in humans, is swallowed air and the bacterial fermentation of consumed food, which results in the intestinal gases passing out of the body.

Dexter" Season 5 Episode 11"

Dexter" Season 5 Episode 11" | Creative Loafing

Welcome, one and all, to the first and likely last episode of America's new favorite rom-com, I Love Lumen! Well gang, we made it. Mazel tov! But for a season finale, especially one to cap a season as lackluster as this, there was startlingly little to elevate it beyond any other dumb episode this season. Alright everyone! Second to last episode!

A Real Cat Hiccups and Farts at the Same Time

Customer Service for Subscribers. Have you ever caught your cat hiccuping? Have you ever witnessed your cat hiccuping?
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