Being an adult sucks

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I remember the first day of my first full-time job very clearly. I took the red line train to Union Station, got off, and was whisked up the escalator by the huddle of Washingtonians hurrying to work. As I exited the station, I smiled, charged with both excitement and nerves. I was eager to see what lie ahead. I quickly adjusted to the daily routine that came with my new job.

What No One Warned You About Adulthood

5 Things To Do When Being an Adult Sucks | Grotto Network

Having to take responsibility for everything you do. At home, at work, in life. It was so easy when you could just blame your mistakes on being a kid. Now, there is just a lot expected of you. Paying bills and really having to take care of your money. It was so nice when mom used to pick me up from school in winter, with an already warmed up car. You have to get your groceries, your beauty products and always make sure you have enough of what you need.

19 Times Being An Adult Sucks And We Should All Just Go Home

How many times have you, as a full-blown adult, thought, "OK, I definitely have life figured out"? Then, life says, "LOL! You eventually learn there are a bunch of things no one warned you about being an adult. Something happens and you find yourself caught off guard, despite having believed that you've seen it all.
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