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Enlarge Image. You might recognize the story: an underdog teenager followed by a harem of girls battles in a high school tournament while using magic powers. And it kind of worked. However, things change for Ikki when Princess Stella Vermillion, the most promising Rank-A Blazer people with the ability to create weapons or devices manifested from their souls c hallenges him to a duel where the loser must obey the winner for the rest of their life. So whether you like a well-established romance story, school life, cute girls, or battle tournaments that involve magic powers, here is a list of 10 recommendations that MANGA. Fall 12 Episodes.

15 [Similar Anime] Like Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

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The world revolves around magic and children go to school to learn it. The Aruzano Imperial Institution for magic is home to the elite and is administered by only the best. To make matters worse, he even loses a duel to Sistine, a student he has a very difficult relationship with. However, when an evil organization that is plotting against the royal family shows up at school to kidnap one of his students, Glenn shows his true abilities when he saves the lives of the students and wins their respect. As you Honey readers know, magical schools and unorthodox teachers just perfectly go hand-in-hand. Long driven off the land by armored insects, humanity now resides in the skies.

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For one, both Glenn and Tatsuya are overpowered. Both involve displaying magic that's fun to watch and creates epic battle scenarios and tension at the same time. Both have one main character ship; for the Irregular at Magic High School, it's Tatsuya and Miyuki, and for Akashic, I'd say Glenn and Sistine although there';s a huge age difference, but they work well together. Both anime gives off a similar vibe with one another; If you enjoyed watching Sky Wizards Academy, you'll definitely enjoy this show as well.
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