Airline sex stories

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It's for the elite, it's scandalous, and it's exhilarating — welcome to the mile-high club. The term itself is slang for people who have had sex on an airplane during a flight. Celebrities are members of the mile-high club, but, let's face it, if you're in a luxurious private jet, the deed is already a part of the to-do-list. But how do we, as regular individuals, even fit in an airplane bathroom? Is it safe and sanitary?

Mile High Club

Confessions of a Fed-Up Flight Attendant #11 – Tales From the Mile High Club

Aircraft: Location: Lavatory Altitude: 30, Comments: Getting lucky I recently traveled to Las Vegas with buddies for a few days of gambling and general letting down of our hair. The Story: I am 32, quite pretty, I think, quite a nice size 12, with average sized boobs with large nipples. My sex life was I thought alright, that was …. We were all going, my family, her family, and a couple other families …. Back in the late s I was flying charters out of Eugene, Oregon, and I carried a pager. My girlfriend now my wife and I were at a movie on ….

12 outrageous Mile High Club sex confessions

We get why so many celebs have joined the Mile High Club, they're always swanning off in private jets after all. But how do us norms get away with it? Here, 12 people who've have sex on a plane share their experiences.
You've probably heard of the Mile High Club , the mythical, exclusive organization made up of people who have sex on airplanes. Hell, maybe you're even a member. But even though airplane sex is a fairly common fantasy , the unfortunate reality is that it's kind of a nuisance for the other passengers, not to mention the people who actually work on the plane. Still convinced that joining the Mile High Club is right for you?