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Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell recently revealed which relationship in her personal life made its way into the script of the hit HBO series based on the book of the same name. The socialite-turned-author — whose life inspired Sarah Jessica Parker 's character of Carrie Bradshaw — appeared on the Aug. Bushnell explained that the reason she didn't want Carrie to end up with Aidan Shaw — the furniture designer Carrie dated and later cheated on with Mr. Big — had to do with her own experience with John Corbett, the actor who played Aidan.

‘Sex and the City’: One Fan Points out Just How Toxic Aidan Shaw Really Was

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Sex and the City fans were thrilled to see Carrie Bradshaw end up with Mr. Big when all was said and done. Carrie also dated the loveable Aidan Shaw. In fact, she almost married him. One fan, however, has a different view of the furniture designing love interest, and when you consider Aidan from a different angle, he was kind of toxic. The account holder noted that Aidan made a bad impression from the start. Aidan, upon first finding out Carrie was a smoker, wrote her off.

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While "Carrie" may have ended up with "Mr. Big" in the end, real-life "Aidan" actor, John Corbett has found his own happy ending! However, in what becomes one of the first television shows to portray a woman cheating on a man completely aware of what she is doing is wrong, "Carrie" cheats on him with "Mr.
He was a broad shoulder for Carrie to cry on and wasn't afraid to share his own feelings as well. But beneath his hulking sensitivity, Aidan could be manipulative and passive-aggressive when Carrie would have benefited from someone who was more direct. There's a case to be made for whether or not Aidan was an agent of toxic masculinity or an abused craftsman Carrie used to wipe her designer shoes on. No one could fault Aidan for ending his relationship with Carrie after she came clean about the steamy affair she was having with Mr.