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A Soviet spy who died this week is said to have changed the course of history when she helped spoil a Nazi assassination plot — but you've probably never heard her name. Goar Vartanyan died on Monday aged 93, leaving a legacy of history-defining secret agent work during the WWII era and beyond. It is understood she will be buried alongside her husband, Gevork Vartanyan, also a secret agent and one of Russia's most decorated spies, who died seven years ago. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Ms Vartanyan and her husband devoted their lives to serving their country. The "big three" allied leaders of the era travelled to Iran's capital for the meeting, which took place from November 28 to December 1, to discuss the logistics of an impending invasion on German-occupied France in the midst of World War II. Gevork Vartanyan and Goar were both agents at the time, Gevork aged 19 and Goar just

The Trouble With American Girls, According to Alleged Russian Spies

Russia says CIA agent caught trying to recruit spy | Reuters

Canada calls upon Russia to ensure a fair and transparent appeal process free of political interference. Paul Whelan has maintained his innocence since he was arrested in December outside a Moscow hotel on espionage charges. Whelan, a corporate security executive from Michigan who holds British and Irish citizenship in addition to U. His lawyers say the charges of spying for the U. Whelan, 50, has decried the prison conditions in Russia and reportedly underwent surgery last month for a hernia. Whelan and his family.

Son of Russian spies relieved to keep Canadian citizenship

The son of a Russian spy couple who lived clandestine lives in Canada and the United States said Friday that he wants a future in Canada after the country's Supreme Court ruled he can keep his Canadian citizenship. Alexander Vavilov was born in Toronto, which would typically qualify him for Canadian citizenship. But authorities had ruled that Vavilov didn't qualify because his parents were part of a Russian spy ring in North America that was broken up by the FBI in
Their sons tell their story. Sat 7 May T im Foley turned 20 on 27 June