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Specifically, let's talk about sex toys for sale on Amazon. As with other products on the site, users can leave thoughtful, detailed reviews. However, some users view the template as a chance to get in touch with their comedic sides and write something weird and funny. The same applies to other sexual products, like dildos and fleshlights. That was a hospital visit I'd rather not repeat.

I review sex toys for work – but it’s definitely not a perfect job

This Woman Tests And Reviews Sex Toys For A Living. Here's What She's Discovered. | HuffPost

There are only so many different sex toy designs possible, given the limitations of the human body. One of the best in my current collection is the beauty I made myself when I recently spent a day as a dildo maker. I work from an office space in the corner of my bedroom and was sitting at my desk the other day when my youngest son came upstairs to speak to me. As we were chatting, I happened to glance down and realised that a recent delivery was sitting at my feet. Reviewing becomes work like any other and sometimes it has to be done whether you feel like it or not.

5 Amazon Sex Toy Reviews That Will Tickle You Pink [NSFW]

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Long before I started reviewing sex toys, I was an avid reader of sex blogs. It was during this time that I first noticed a number of products that seemed to repeatedly pop up in the work of my favourite bloggers , regardless of what they were supposed to be actually writing about. They were the must-haves of sex toys , and so when I started blogging the toys on that list, such as the Magic Wand Rechargeable , We-Vibe Tango , and Njoy Pure Wand, were some of the first I sought out. Five years in however, there has only been one toy that has managed to evade me all this time, despite numerous efforts to get my hands on it. Widely regarded as the best realistic dildo ever, the Vixen Creations VixSkin Mustang stands-out from the rest on my list as the only toy from an independent maker, and it is that fact that has made obtaining one here in Australia tricky.