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She then shared her frustration over a lack of coronavirus tests, which resulted in her mother never being tested:. What can we do to get more testing kits sent to my county or state?? Who do we contact? Washington state.

Fans Are Convinced Jeremiah and Carmela Are on the Brink of Divorce on 'Return to Amish'

'Return To Amish': Are Jeremiah And Carmela Raber Getting a Divorce?

Return To Amish Season 5 premiered Sunday night, and fans had a lot of catching up to do when it came to returning cast members Carmela and Jeremiah Raber! Show producers put together a wonderful montage recap of some of the drama, with narration by Jeremiah and Carmela. The two agree that money issues played a huge part in their relationship issues, including the infamous cash dash by Carmela. After the Season 5 Premiere aired, Jeremiah and Carmela took to YouTube to share their reactions to the episode, as well as their reactions to comments made about the episode on social media — both good and bad. OK, so there is one thing that I want to clear up. But, the truth is she had paid for that property and technically that was her money.

BREAKING AMISH Carmela Raber’s mom passes away in isolation, unable to get coronavirus test

When Jeremiah Raber first appeared on Breaking Amish , he had a hard time adjusting to life outside the Amish community. However, he would do it all over again because it's how he met his current wife, Carmela Mendez. Now, the couple are back on the TLC series Return to Amish — where they are selling Amish doughnuts together and hoping this new business will solve all their problems. But fans are still interested in learning more about Carmela and Jeremiah's relationship, which started after they met on social media. Jeremiah, 38, was previously married to Naomi Stutzman.
During the previews for the rest of the season, viewers saw that this couple is going to have a few issues. They are just like any normal couple. This couple started out the season together. Between the last season and the new one, they have admitted to some issues.