Obama sex appeal

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By Daily Mail Reporter. First Lady Michelle Obama admitted that she's 'proud' of her famous husband's sex appeal. That's okay,' she said in an interview on Easter Monday. The question came up when the interviewer asked about how it felt to have a husband who is considered a sex symbol, similar, as the journalist said, to John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Big fan: Michelle Obama said that she gets that her husband has a bit of 'swag' that people find attractive. Swagger: Mr Obama, seen here in , has been both lauded and criticized for being 'cool'.

Did Obama`s sex appeal help him win?

Inside Barack’s sex-filled relationships before Michelle

David Garrow. Until then, says Garrow, the Obamas lived in a very small apartment in Chicago, had just paid off their university loans and were living a very modest middle class life. He always talked about immigrants collecting bottles and cans from the garbage, and during the presidency he would mention how being in the White House you get increasingly out of touch with real life. Genevieve Cook also told Garrow that cocaine use was a key part of their relationship at the time, although Obama was much more moderate in his use than she and her friends.

Inside Barack’s sex-filled relationships before Michelle

By Erin Aubry Kaplan He broke a major color barrier, fielded intense opposition from day one, and lived his time in office under the unrelenting gaze of the Internet and social media—and for these and other reasons, Barack Obama has probably been the most scrutinized president in American history. Most of the scrutiny has been critical: everybody from conservative tea party zealots on down to disillusioned progressives have complained about his policies, his lack of this and overreach of that. But what about Obama the man, or more accurately, the symbol? Where will he finally lodge in our national consciousness? And what did he mean to women, especially black women?
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