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CUBA: What a country, what a culture, what an adventure!!! You guys know we are addicted to travel and that we do it on a super tight budget, so leaving our VW Kombi home behind and backpacking to Cuba was a real vacation for us. Honestly Cuba has two sides, the local side and the tourist side — they even both have separate currencies would you believe?! A lot of the tourist scene in Cuba that is presented to you is 5 Star hotels and Caribbean beaches. In this 2 part series we wanted to strip all that away and show you the real Naked Cuba, and also show you that Cuba can be one of the most exciting and cheap places to travel in the world! Welcome, we are Ben and Leah, nomadic travel vloggers, with a passion for sharing inspiring adventures!

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Note that nudism is permitted only in designated beach areas, the rest of the beach in front of the resorts and the resorts themselves are definitely not clothing optional. You need to go to relatively remote areas to find them, though. Note that it's always merely tolerated, not officially permitted. At least that's the way I understand it. We won't be at the hotel until May, so I am not sure how it is set up. To my understanding the Valentin Perla Blanca is the only hotel in that section of Cayo Santa Maria and I would imagine the coves in front of the hotel are for the Guests of the Valentin however, there are other stretches of natural beach too.

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Is there anywhere you can be nude on the beach in Varadero? We will be staying at one of the Iberostars Unless things have changed lately, there are no clothing optional stretches of beach in Varadero. You can be nude anywhere you want - for a while.