Lick my belly button

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Ask Your Question today. Me and my boyfriend were playing around and he was licking my body and such and then he started to lick out my belly button and it seriously, majorly turned me on. I love it! He does it everyday now because I enjoy it so much but I've never known anyone to get turned on through their bell button.

11 Sexy Things to Do to Your Partner's Belly Button in Bed

LICK MY BELLYBUTTON OR DIE! ❤❤❤❤❤ | Mariah carey, Fashion, Mariah

Sure, your sack sessions are super-fulfilling—but now that you've mastered each other's hot spots , you'd like to ditch the roadmap and take the sexual roads less traveled. Lucky for you, there are plenty of steamy and totally underrated erogenous zones you can take for a spin, starting with the belly button. Here are just some of the ways you can use your partner's belly button as your own personal plaything:. The area from his belly button to his inner thighs is uber-erogenous, and a gentle massage is a great way to rev his engine. Try putting your finger into his belly button as you massage that area.

I got an orgasm from a guy licking my bellybutton!?

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I can answer for myself — I do feel aroused when a man licks my navel, rather it is one of my biggest turn-ons. But it also tickles me insanely, because although I am very ticklish all over, my belly and navel are one of my most ticklish spots. My reactions are something like:. Most men who have kissed and licked my belly and navel have gone on to have steamy sex, because being my belly and navel are highly erogenous zones for me, and they turn me on from the inside.