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Hisao first encounters Lilly in the tea room on his second day at Yamaku while trying to find the library. The two converse over tea and Lilly takes Hisao to the library, only to leave in a hurry after his first disastrous encounter with Hanako. Over the course of the week, Lilly helps Hisao adjust to life at Yamaku and the abnormalities of the students he encounters. Hisao also learns of the strained relationship between Lilly and Shizune.

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Hanako's route

After Hisao accompanies Hanako into town to pick up some food, certain students notice Hisao spending more time with the usually alone Hanako, including Lilly. She invites him to a night tea party with herself and Hanako. Although few words are exchanged, Hisao treats Hanako as if he didn't notice her disfigurement, because it's how he thinks the people at this school would want to be treated. It's clear Lilly is encouraging time together with Hisao and Hanako, and that Hanako is becoming more open to Hisao, little by little.
I really don't like to burden myself with heaviness of choice so this guide is very useful. Thank you! First of all this is how you get hold of the Katawa Shoujo alpha: Go on to steam groups. Find Katawa Shoujo Prealpha Repair The download is in the announcements as stated, the version will of course change as time goes on becoming better and more updated but is perfectly playable at time of writing.