Dry sex in africa

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To keep the vagina dry, women insert herbs, absorbent materials like paper, chemical cleaning agents, antiseptic or even toothpaste. A dry vagina is supposed to feel better for the man during intercourse. Men say they like the friction, heat and swollen tightness. All of which increases the likelihood of infection with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

'Dry Sex' Is the African Sexual Health Issue No One’s Talking About

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To investigate the reasons for and factors influencing the practice of dry sex and to evaluate dry sex practice as a risk factor for sexually transmitted disease STD. METHODS: A random community sample of men and women aged between 16 and 35 in Gauteng Province, South Africa, were interviewed regarding the practice of dry sex using a structured interviewer administered questionnaire. Among younger individuals dry sex practice is far more common among the less educated, but there was no significant difference between education groups in the older respondents. There was no difference in reported history of STD between women who practised dry sex and those who did not. The younger less educated group were the most likely to practise dry sex. Dry sex practice was associated with an increased prevalence of self reported STDs in men but not in women.

Dry sex: Women at pains to please

Unfortunately common in some parts of Africa and parts of Indonesia, dry sex involves reducing the moisture inside a woman's vagina by various means, so that sex will be more pleasurable for the man. It makes the vagina feel tighter and causes more friction, apparently. It's a painful process of inserting chalk, sponges, sand and even bleach to 'dry' themselves out. In some places, it is believed that a tight vagina is one that hasn't been subjected to overuse, where in reality it is understood that - just as humans come in all different shapes and sizes - so do our genitals.
This ghastly practice exposes women to increased risk of infection, and is acutely uncomfortable to boot. Are men in Lilongwe or Joburg sacrificing their penile comfort in order to deliver a happier sexual experience to their female partners? A quick Google search turned up no evidence that this is so. Syfret got in touch with Dr. Marlene Wasserman , widely known a sex health advocate and radio host in South Africa.