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The target demographic was the tween, though that term had not yet been coined. Electric Youth was the first in a long, long line of celebrity-inspired fragrances and I, for one, had to have it. There were two dueling pop stars when I was in fourth grade: Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, whose last name was withheld in hopes Barbara and Judy would more quickly recognize her as one of their own. Debbie Gibson was the good girl. Tiffany, on the other hand, was understood to have weaker moral fiber. Nothing but trouble there.

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Debbie Gibson - Rockin Houston

Imagine all your dopey journals from your aching, awkward adolescence -- with the sunshines and rainbows and initials on the margins - - getting broadcast to the nation, soaring to the top of the charts and becoming a permanent part of the pop vernacular. Is there any hope for adulthood? Judging by the Deborah formerly known as Debbie Gibson 's recent San Francisco appearance, the answer is yes. Once a teenage superstar, she always has a place in the hearts of the preteens who truly loved her -- women and men who felt the call of divadom in their preteens, alone in their rooms, in front of their mirrors, singing along with syrupy lyrics like, "And when you said goodbye -- oh! But this was a show for Debbie devotees, nearly , who never stopped loving her, no matter how uncool it became. My first memory of listening to music was Debbie Gibson.

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William Ford Gibson born March 17, is an American-Canadian speculative fiction writer and essayist widely credited with pioneering the science fiction subgenre known as cyberpunk. Beginning his writing career in the late s, his early works were noir , near-future stories that explored the effects of technology , cybernetics , and computer networks on humans—a "combination of lowlife and high tech " [3] —and helped to create an iconography for the information age before the ubiquity of the Internet in the s. These early works of Gibson's have been credited with "renovating" science fiction literature in the s. After expanding on the story in Neuromancer with two more novels Count Zero in , and Mona Lisa Overdrive in , thus completing the dystopic Sprawl trilogy , Gibson collaborated with Bruce Sterling on the alternate history novel The Difference Engine , which became an important work of the science fiction subgenre known as steampunk. In the s, Gibson composed the Bridge trilogy of novels, which explored the sociological developments of near-future urban environments, postindustrial society , and late capitalism.
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