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There, his cousin Dwight is chief of the Beta Association - Erik wants to joins but before it is possible diverse tasks have to be dealt with Some changes make you wonder: for example, a shot of two topless strippers was changed in the Rated-R version so that the girls wear bras but the following scenes remained untouched or during the Greek Games two shots showing breats were removed although earlier breasts were visible. It seems, that first and foremost the goal is to make people purchase the product because of the "Unrated"-slogan. The unrated version shows full frontal nudity.

American Pie Presents Beta House (2007) Nude Scenes

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Skip to Content. Objectification of women. Asian stereotypes. Unsafe sex and references to unsafe sex in just about every way imaginable.

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This latest installment of the American Pie franchise has Erik Stifler John White heading off to his first year of college remember, in The Naked Mile he simply was visiting his cousin at the dorms for sex, nudity and freshman girls. It arrives just in time for Christmas December 23, The nudity alone made Beta House enjoyable enough.