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At this time, many groups have temporarily shifted to electronic meetings, although some have returned to a face-to-face format or created hybrid meetings. Since SAA groups are autonomous and thus may decide whether or not to meet according to their local group conscience, the ISO recommends that groups follow their local governmental health regulations. You can find more information from the CDC at this link. The ISO Convention has been postponed for one year. More information PDF.

Confessions of an Anon

The S-Anon program helps you connect with others who have felt the painful effects of sex addiction and have found a way forward. We have all been impacted by the effects of sex addiction. We are here to tell you that peace and serenity are possible. S-Anon has helped me to gradually gain independence, self-confidence, and a serenity I never thought possible. Meetings are held all around the United States, Canada, and in many other countries.
For the First Time in America! The Diary of a French Stenographer! Raw and uninhibited tales of bosses and their secretaries as they romp on couches, office floors, and anywhere else where they may snatch a moment of privacy!